Mozido and TabbedOut Partner to Improve Consumer Dining Experience

Find deals, locate restaurants, order, review itemized check, & pay on your mobile phone

AUSTIN, Texas—October 8, 2015 – Mozido, a global provider of trusted digital commerce  and payment solutions, and TabbedOut, the quickest and most secure way to pay at thousands of bars and restaurants are partnering to improve the experience of consumers through a mobile application. 

The partnership will provide a full set of features to hospitality locations allowing their consumers an application to discover locations, join wait-lists, make reservations, order, split, pay, and leave feedback all from their mobile phones. The partnership expands the offerings of both Mozido and TabbedOut, and will be provided as a branded application for venues with multiple locations.  

“Mozido and TabbedOut are improving the way consumers find places to eat and drink, redeem valuable and relevant offers, place their orders, and pay,” said Michael Liberty, founder of Mozido. “We are proud to be mobilizing the hospitality industry together with our partner TabbedOut.” 

TabbedOut directly integrates with most major point-of-sales systems, allowing customers to see their itemized check, redeem rewards, split with friends and pay their tab at bars and restaurants via the mobile app without handing over a credit card. Customers receive their receipt on their mobile phone.  Mozido will enhance this experience by providing improving location services that will integrate with reservation and wait list systems, personalized and merchant-branded offers, loyalty rewards, and advance menu ordering while providing merchants with stronger branding to their customers. Restaurants and bars get a robust analytics-based view of their business through TabbedOut’s Periscope CRM to better serve their customers with personalized customer engagement. Mozido will incorporate TabbedOut’s PoS integration, itemized receipts, and frictionless payment into its current mobile application services. 

“Mozido is a leader in providing secure, full-featured mobile solutions to Quick Service Restaurants, retail merchants, banks, and mobile network operators enabling them to better serve their customers,” said Ben Carolan, executive vice president of strategic partnerships at TabbedOut. “Partnering with Mozido enables TabbedOut to not only be the quickest and most secure way to pay, but also to provide the best way to mobilize the entire restaurant and bar customer experience for our merchants. Mozido and TabbedOut will bring to market an industry-first full-cycle customized experience catered to the needs of specific brands and the guest experience.”

About Mozido

Mozido delivers trusted digital commerce and payment solutions globally. Mozido’s mobile payment, financial services, loyalty programs and mobile offers are delivered as cost-effective cloud-based solutions branded for clients. Highly interoperable, Mozido solutions work with virtually any wireless carrier and mobile device, and integrate easily with ads, offers, and other products from third parties. Mozido’s worldwide presence and global offerings include operations in the US, China, India, Africa, UAE, Germany, Mexico, Jamaica, and South Korea, enabling people to manage their money, payments and other services from their mobile phones. For more information, visit us at Follow us on Twitter: @Mozido.

About TabbedOut

TabbedOut is the leading mobile payment app available at thousands of locations nationwide and has integrations with most major U.S. service and hospitality PoS providers. Participating bars and restaurants use TabbedOut to create comprehensive consumer databases that offer actionable insights into their customer's spending habits. TabbedOut's merchant UI, Periscope, provides a powerful dashboard for any venue to offer rewards to existing customers and incentives to bring in new ones. This ability to “Know Your Customer” is currently unavailable with any other hospitality-based mobile payment solution. Benefitting both merchant and consumer, TabbedOut helps venue staff by processing and closing checks, directly increasing table turnover and overall gratuity, and ultimately bottom line revenue. For more information, please visit


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