Welcome to the TabbedOut Micros Reseller Home Page. As a recognized reseller of TabbedOut, you have the extraordinary opportunity to add tremendous value to your client's business operations while earning additional revenue for you by selling TabbedOut, the premier mobile payment and loyalty CRM solution.


How do you become a certified TabbedOut Micros Reseller?

By following the simple steps outlined below:

  1. Review the basic features and benefits of TabbedOut.

  2. Review the resources section to learn all about the abundance of resources that TabbedOut can offer you to help sell and support your merchants.

  3. Watch the overview video of Periscope, TabbedOut's newest CRM based loyalty marketing software.

  4. Fill out the TabbedOut reseller application and take the reseller exam (Note: you must score a 90% or higher on the reseller exam before you can become a certified TabbedOut Reseller).

  5. Once the reseller application and reseller exam are complete, a TabbedOut Reseller Account Manager will contact you within 24-48 hours to review your application and explain the program in further detail.



TabbedOut is the premier marketing and analytics platform built exclusively for the hospitality industry.  We allow merchants the ability to accept mobile payments, integrated seamlessly into their existing POS system.

With our included Periscope marketing and loyalty platform, merchants can view real time insights into their customers spending habits, preferences and favorite items. Best of all, you can send Periscope offers directly to consumers to get them in the door and drive immediate revenue.  

Finally, mobile payments and your POS system meet customer marketing and rewards in real time. That’s the power of TabbedOut and Periscope!


The main features of TabbedOut include:

  • Ability to open, close and pay a tab at TabbedOut locations
  • Split tabs w/ friends on the TabbedOut app
  • Leave feedback for the merchant within the TabbedOut app
  • Load multiple forms of payment into the TabbedOut app securely
  • Consumer receives standard and itemized receipts via email once they close a tab with TabbedOut


  1. Download and review the TabbedOut Merchant Selling Guide to learn about the numerous features of TabbedOut and how they benefit your merchants.
  2. Download and review the Micros 3700 Quicksheet Guide to learn how a merchant's staff member can quickly find a TabbedOut customer tab on the Future POS system.
  3. LeverageTabbedOut programs like the New User Offer and Loyalty Program in select markets. http://www.tabbedout.com/loyalty-program/
  4. Checkout the Merchant Brand Store to find great in venue marketing materials to promote TabbedOut (store.tabbedout.com)
  5. Checkout the TabbedOut Brand Folder to find our design and marketing assets to help your merchants promote TabbedOut to their customers (brandfolder.com/tabbedout)
  6. Download and review the TabbedOut POS Integration Guide


Download and learn why some of these successful merchants are using TabbedOut.

  1. Dogwood, Austin, Texas 
  2. Humperdinks, Dallas, Texas
  3. Trinity Hall, Dallas, Texas
  4. Tab ROI on pub crawl and Super Bowl events in Austin
  5. Nellie's Sports Bar, Washington D.C.


Learn how TabbedOut works on the Micros 3700 POS System by watching this video: