Why Merchants Prefer TabbedOut

The verdict is in: our long list of Merchants — now more than 5,000 nationwide — prefer TabbedOut over standard payment for numerous reasons. We contacted our top venues and asked them what ways TabbedOut helps them grow their business:

1. Our goal is to help grow your business

We care not only about getting more TabbedOut users at your restaurant or bar; your success is a genuine priority of ours. Some of our top locations that prefer TabbedOut for payment are seeing thousands of dollars in revenue through the TabbedOut app.

2. Your service staff earns higher tips!

Servers, on average, earn a 30% tip when their customer pays with TabbedOut. The servers are the front line for your payment and our app, and we have made the in-app tipping process super easy for your customers.

3. Our customer service is fantastic and available at all times

Do you have a question, complaint, comment? Do you need to train your service staff on using TabbedOut? Our support team hustles to answer every inquiry with rapidity, care and precision. Our support rockstars know the app and the process backward and forward, and they’re available to help you along the way.

4. We reduce walked tabs and chargebacks

When a customer uses our free mobile payment app at your location, their encrypted payment info is sent securely to your POS system. That means less handling credit cards, less liability for you, and reduced chargebacks for walked tabs.

We appreciate you and your business. Keep doing what you’re doing. Let us know if you have any questions.