TabbedOut Holiday Help

Did you know you can cover every aspect of booking holiday parties, catering and large to-go orders with TabbedOut?


  • On-Site Holiday Parties

  • Large To-Go Orders

  • Catering Orders


  • Keeps all charges and transaction activity in one easy-to-use place with only one final transaction for the entire expense

  • Allows the customer to see all charges in real-time during the event

  • Provides an easier tipping and closeout process

  • Automates the transaction process for the customer, so he or she can forget about money during the event

  • Reduces transaction fees for Merchants

Here’s how it works:

1. When someone books a party, catering or a large to-go order at your restaurant or bar, have them download TabbedOut on their mobile device if they don’t already have it

2. Have the customer open a tab at your location in the TabbedOut app

3. Charge necessary event deposits to the customer’s tab

4. Leave the tab open until the date of the party, or until order pickup, OR close out tab and open a new tab on the day of the event or order

5. Put all party costs on the customer’s tab at the appropriate time

6. Consumer has live tab view on their smartphone during the event to track drinks, food, etc.

7. At the end of the event or transaction, close the tab and get paid

Contact our Director of Operations, CJ Adame, for more information, and he’ll get you set up.

CJ Adame