Case Study with D.C. Area Nellie's Bar & Restaurant

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Interview with Nellie's owner Doug Schantz

What benefits have you seen from offering TabbedOut?

Number one would be the convenience factor of not having the administrative task of trying to return cards, but number two very closely is helping our bottom line through additional drink sales.

Why TabbedOut? We like the idea that it’s cutting edge but it’s also very friendly and easy to use. And that’s exactly how we like to portray ourselves- as a very loyal neighborhood bar, but one that provides the latest trends and technologies our clientele is looking for.

What problem has TabbedOut helped solve? We probably used to see about 15 cards left behind each night and now we’re down to 6 or 7. Michael believes we’ve cut it in half because people who frequent here a lot have completely stopped giving us their cards and started using TabbedOut. They’re tired of worrying about going back to pick up their card or canceling it. We work to educate our customers about TabbedOut up front so they can focus on having a good time instead of worrying about leaving their card behind.

What was the “a-ha” moment that made you choose TabbedOut? The big idea came from the number of credit cards we have left over at the end of the night. That’s where the whole idea came to us from. People leave their credit cards here all the time - Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night, and throughout the week. Now we don’t have to keep it here on file and wait for them to come pick it up. Every time we have a credit card left behind we clip a TabbedOut information card to the back of the credit card and hand it to the customer to tell them they should use TabbedOut next time so they don’t have to worry about forgetting their card again.

How easy / difficult was it to train your staff? We do a heavy push during our management meetings and pre-shift meetings to teach all of our bartenders to promote it. TabbedOut benefits our staff - it’s easy to use and our bartenders can focus on serving more drinks instead of running credit cards. We really see consistent usage because our staff is trained and proactive about having customers use TabbedOut.

Has it been easy to use? It’s so user friendly, which is my thing. Yes, Nellie’s wants to be cutting edge, but we didn’t want to bring in something off-the-wall. It’s easy to read and understand. All the customer has to do is open a tab, tell the server their name and they are good to go. We can process more drinks and it’s really made us more efficient.

Besides word of mouth, how do you market TabbedOut to your customers? We do an email blast twice a week to our customers. Nellie’s style is to have a diverse offering in this email, so at least once a month I like to throw in TabbedOut to show we’re cutting edge and to break up all of the typical sports bar items. We co-brand much of the TabbedOut marketing materials with Nellie’s logo. We have lots of bulletin boards to remind customers that it’s available. We have the ‘TabbedOut Accepted Here’ stickers on our windows at all three of our entrances and even the deck bar.

We make sure our customers know about TabbedOut!