Why Servers Love TabbedOut

Anyone in the restaurant industry knows that being a server is a lot harder than it may seem. Taking complicated orders, bringing food to your table while it’s still piping hot, refilling endless beverages, bussing tables, fulfilling multiple requests at once, bringing and settling checks in a timely manner, and doing it all with a smile on their face. We are in awe of your mad skills, seriously. That’s why TabbedOut would like to make your lives easier. Here’s how we can solve some of your #serverproblems.

Problem #1: Splitting the Check

The words every server dreads:  “will this be together or separate?” What if you never had to say them again? With TabbedOut, your customers can split the bill themselves, without handing over ten different credit cards and taking extra time from an already swamped server.

Problem #2: Checks in General

Customers can be pretty impatient about getting their checks, especially if they've prefaced their meal with "we're kind of in a rush." When you’re in the weeds, processing a check can take forever, especially if your restaurant has just one or two POS stations. With TabbedOut, customers can pay and leave on their own time, without all the hassle of a physical bill and receipt.

Problem #3: The Lost Credit Card

Credit cards seem to get left behind a lot, considering how important they are, and sprinting after someone waving a credit card isn’t a good look for anyone. It’s not uncommon for a server to chase down a customer who left their card in the check presenter–taking away more valuable time from other tables. At TabbedOut locations, the number of forgotten cards is dramatically lower, which means you’ll be fielding less frantic phone calls from forgetful people.

Problem #4  Bad Tips

People who skimp on tipping must not realize that servers make most of their income through tips (or they’re just evil). We have this cool feature that allows the customer to tip by percentage, no math needed. And according to our data, when customers use TabbedOut, servers’ tips average over 20%. The other benefit? No more awkwardly eyeing your tables and wondering if the check presenter is ready to be picked up.

Problem #5: Campers

You know who you are: those people that take your friendly “take your time!” suggestion too far. You just got cut, someone’s agreed to bus your table when you leave, but they’re just sitting there drinking water, and you would like to get your tip so you can go home. Not only does TabbedOut move the lingering customer along faster, but you won’t have to wait around for your tip.

Problem #6: Dining and Dashing

TabbedOut makes dining and dashing impossible. Your customers CAN’T forget to pay, and if someone bails before paying their tab (or tipping you!) their information is already in the system, and you can manually close the tab. The tip is set to a default 20%, which means that if the customer didn’t change it you still get a decent tip.

Let Us Pull You Out of the Weeds

What it all comes down to is this: sometimes, things are out of your control. Slow service can be contributed to a variety of factors, and your tip is what suffers in the end. With TabbedOut we eliminate the last 2-3 trips to a table, making turnaround time for tables using TabbedOut three times faster than that of traditional payment methods. No more waiting to settle the bill, no more waiting for your hard-earned tip. Quicker service, better tips, there really is no downside.