A Happier Halloween with TabbedOut


Costume parties, pub crawls, and adult trick-or-treating? It must be Halloween season. If your bar or restaurant is in a college town or even just a major city, the weekends leading up to Halloween can be extremely profitable–but also a huge headache.

How can TabbedOut help make Halloween all treats and no tricks? Read on.

Streamline Your Bar Line


Which ghosts and gouls are bellying up to the bar right now? The thirsty ones, and the ones ready to take their haunting on the road. Keep those gouls going along by encouraging the use of TabbedOut, so your bartenders can focus on pouring drinks and keeping the line moving.

Be a Step Above the Costume Contest Across the Street

hocus pocus.gif

During Halloween, your customers have options. Every business will be taking advantage of people ready to party, how do you stand out? Entice them into your dungeon of drinks with a Periscope offer. A $5 or $10 discount can be the difference between making your event a true Monster Mash and a fearsome flop.

Keep an Eye on Your Customers

Encourage your otherworldly visitors to use TabbedOut, and get valuable insight to their spending habits. Easily view who your best customers are, and reward them accordingly with special offers sent right to their phone. Also see who hasn't haunted your bar in a while, and bring them back with an offer for their favorite meal or drink–on the (haunted) house.

Encourage Splitting... The Check.

Restaurants and Pubs can benefit from encouraging mobs of villagers to split their check using TabbedOut's handy feature. When the line is out the door and the monsters have cleaned their plates, the last thing busy servers need is to print off seven different checks. TabbedOut makes it easy: everyone can pay via the Split Check feature on the app, and be on their way to chase the monsters down the street.

Whatever your occasion, TabbedOut is a huge help in keeping the festivities festive. Don't have TabbedOut? Send us your info and we'll sign you up!

How to Use the Brandfolder & Social Media

Did you know that TabbedOut offers free images for digital and print? These free resources, while they can't take the place of good old fashioned word-of-mouth, are the easiest way to let your customers know you're a TabbedOut venue.

Click Here to Visit Our Brandfolder.

Odds are, your customers are already on Twitter and Facebook. Use the images in the Brandfolder as social media posts, and feel free to edit them with your personal brand.


Facebook Examples

Use Brandfolder images as the base for your own branding. Here, Osaka has used an image from our Brandfolder and added text and their logo to the top. This was their Facebook header image when they first signed up for TabbedOut.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 9.11.43 AM.png

Use an image in the Brandfolder, and add your own text in the post. Trinity Hall used this  image as a Facebook post, and used the text to highlight their favorite parts of the app.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 9.10.30 AM.png

Share special TabbedOut offers. We keep our Brandfolder updated with all TabbedOut-sponsored promotions, like the New User Offer pictured here. Take advantage of these offers that are of no cost to you, and post to social with the provided images.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 10.33.32 AM.png

Share TabbedOut's updates. We are always offering exciting promotions for our customers and posting to our own social media. Here, Trinity Hall has simply shared an update from our own TabbedOut Facebook page. Leverage our nation-wide promotions to encourage users to sign up for the app, and use it at your location.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 9.06.42 AM.png

Twitter Examples

Tweet at your followers. This is the easiest and most direct way to communicate on Twitter. Tag TabbedOut or leave a link so that your followers can explore the app.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 9.25.56 AM.png

Attach an image to a tweet. An image will take up a number of your characters, but is more eye-catching in a fast-paced Twitter feed than a simple text update. Snow & Company encourages its followers to re-tweet, helping to spread the word even further.


Email & Website

Use your homepage to promote TabbedOut. The images in our Brandfolder are high-quality and web-ready. This restaurant uses their website's sidebar to promote TabbedOut so no matter what page their customer is on, they can see the image.

Use Email Newsletters. Email marketing is a useful tool in communicating with your customers. Don't miss out on the opportunity to use it to promote TabbedOut! This example uses a sidebar in a longer newsletter, but our images are perfectly sized for hero content as well.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 10.20.28 AM.png

Remember: the more customers use TabbedOut, the more customer data you have in Periscope. This makes it easy to create a customized experience for your guest, and tailor your marketing plan to boost sales based on customer behavior.

Need help? Feel free to email merchant@tabbedout.com if you have any comments or need any suggestions.