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What is This?
Merchant Certification Program
The Merchant Certification is TabbedOut’s opportunity to share existing best practices that ensure each new 
merchant has the necessary training and essential tips proven to create an awesome customer experience.

What benefits unlock when the certification program is complete?
* Listing as an active location when consumers search in the application.
* Eligible to participate in any of the customer facing promotions, brands, partners, etc.

How Do You Want To See Staff Training Happen?
You may select multiple days.
Training Contact Information
Are you the person that will handle the staff training for TabbedOut at your location?
Periscope Administrator Contact Information
Will you be the person in charge of managing Periscope for TabbedOut day to day and adding staff, sending out offers, and responding to feedback?
TabbedOut Marketing Program
TabbedOut Fees and Product Descriptions
TabbedOut Mobile Payment Solution includes an online searchable listing to be placed on the TabbedOut website and on the TabbedOut consumer app. This includes full integration with Merchant’s POS System and the TabbedOut app which allows a patron to OPEN, VIEW & PAY their tab via their Android or IOS device. Merchant will also be provided with training materials and promotional items for staff and patrons upon request.

Periscope CRM Solution includes a detailed and sortable list of all TabbedOut patrons that tracks frequency, usage, spending patterns and manages customer feedback. Periscope allows the Merchant to create additional marketing campaigns through our Offers Platform directly targeted to the patron(s) they wish to reach and to monitor live patron feedback. Periscope Offers Campaigns are not required to be run by a Merchant nor is there ever a minimum fee charged or usage required by TabbedOut. If Merchant funded offers are published, any offers redeemed by patrons will be charged as detailed below.

Monthly Recurring Fee:  $99
Periscope Merchant Funded Offers: If a Merchants creates a Periscope offer, they will be billed for reimbursement of the offer redemption plus 10% of the net tab revenue generated by the offer. Example: If a $1 offer generates a $10 tab, you will be billed for $1 + (10% * $9) or $1.90.

Early Termination Fee:  $0

Billing Notes:
  • Merchant will be billed $99 per month (only for monthly TabbedOut revenue greater than $200). For any month in which less than $200 in total TabbedOut revenue is not generated, the monthly fee will be waived. 
  • Billing months are calculated from the first day of the calendar month to the last day of the same month. 
  • Monthly billing, including both monthly recurring fee and Periscope activity, will be billed by the 15th of the month for the prior calendar month's activity.
Merchant Terms and Conditions

  • This Order is subject to the Merchant Terms and Conditions located ( ), which together with this Order shall be referred to herein as the Merchant Agreement (or the “Agreement”) 
  • Unless otherwise specified above, Merchant’s subscriptions to the TabbedOut Mobile Payment Solution and to Periscope shall have an initial term of twelve (12) months. If Merchant terminates prior to such term, Merchant is subject to an early termination fee (ETF) if applicable. If not terminated, subscriptions will automatically renew for successive periods of 12 months at the rate specified above unless Merchant gives TabbedOut forty-five (45) days written notice prior to contract expiration.
  • In the event of Merchant ownership/management or POS change, Merchant is required to provide TabbedOut forty-five (45) days written notice OR provide proper contact information of parties assuming the contract. If Merchant fails to give notification, the original party on this agreement will be responsible for the remaining balance.
  • Merchant agrees to ensure all staff have completed the TabbedOut Merchant Certification Program prior to being listed “live” within the TabbedOut app.
  • Merchant authorizes the local POS dealer and/or TabbedOut to install and/or activate the TabbedOut software to POS System(s).
  • Merchant acknowledges that third parties, including Merchant’s payment processor or POS Company, may invoice and collect payments under this Order on TabbedOut’s behalf.

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