Before you opt-out, give Tabbedout a shot, at no monthly cost to you.

Tabbedout’s mobile payment and merchant marketing solution is available to all Harbortouch POS venues for a small monthly fee. All venues will receive a trial period to try Tabbedout and build your customer database. Every time a customer uses Tabbedout in your venue, they are added to your individual merchant database and you are given the ability to reach these customers with direct Offers and respond to their feedback in real-time. The more people that use Tabbedout, the more customers you can reach using our marketing tool, Periscope.

Still not convinced?

Since all Harbortouch POS merchants receive Tabbedout for a trial period, you will need to indicate your desire to discontinue the use of Tabbedout at your location by providing the following information. Once you've discontinued the use of Tabbedout, all consumer data in your Tabbedout Periscope database will be erased and no longer available to you for marketing and analytics. 

To confirm that you are the decision maker for this venue, we request to speak with you. Someone on our team will call you between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM CST Monday-Friday to confirm your decision and that you are authorized to make this decision. 

Thank you for your business and for trying Tabbedout and Periscope!

(Merchant ID must be entered exactly as it appears on your Harbortouch statement, 10 numbers)