What Age Range Tips Best?

Servers and bartenders who have been in the game a while may tend to lean on experience and stereotypes to help spot low tippers. A common approach to guessing what a customer will tip is to look at their age, but does the data back up the stereotype??? We looked at our user base to figure out the average tip amount based on age range. What we discovered... made us laugh a little.

It turns out that service industry veterans are pretty good at reading their customers! We can assume that the increase in tip percentage from age 21 - 50 can be boiled down to upward economic mobility.

However, then we see a sharp drop in tip percentage among users aging 51 to 70. Not to say a 21% tip isn’t
awesome, but remember, this is not the average for all customers in this age bracket, just TabbedOut users. 

TabbedOut users on average tip 24% more than cash or credit card paying customers. That is because our app calculates tip percentages for you, and makes it easy and convenient for customers to close out when they're ready, providing an overall better customer experience. Stats show that this looks to be true across the board for customers paying with their phone or through a tablet POS that offers a suggested tip amount. 

So, if our stats show that users age 61 - 70 tip an average of 21%, that means that the average 65-year-old paying with cash or credit card is likely to tip around 16%. The reason for this drop could also be economics, but then that leaves us with one unanswered question... What's up with the 70+ customers? Our theory is that they’re just better at living life to the fullest since you know... they’ve had more practice.