TabbedOut 3-2-1 Promoter Program

Forget about waiting for the bill, calculating a split check, and handing over your card to someone else. TabbedOut is the all-in-one dining app that lets you pay your tab from your phone and gives users exclusive access to special perks at no additional cost, just for using the app to pay. And speaking of perks, there's a whole new way to get them! We're looking for bartenders and waiters to reward for spreading the word about the inherent time-savings and convenience of our app. If you're in a position to directly interact with bar and restaurant customers, sign up for our 3-2-1 Promoter Program and make up to $4 per new user you acquire. 



Make Money Doing What You Already Do!

Work Your Own Hours

Tired of the 8-5 rat-race or looking for supplemental income? Enjoy the perfect marriage of work & play by working the hours you want, when you excuses required. Just don't call yourself "Sir".  

Make As Much As You Want

Looking for extra walking-around money, or are you in it to win it? Either way, you can set your own goals, allowing you to scale your cash-flow up or down as you see fit.


Grow Your Local Contacts

Hey there social butterflies, have we got an opportunity for you! You're already connected, but with a little social ju-jitsu you can turn your hobby into a revenue source and even broaden your local network.


Here's How It Works

1. Invite people unfamiliar with our app to give it a whirl.

2. Share you're unique code with them and they get $2 off their first closed tab using TabbedOut. 

3. You earn $3 the moment new users close their first tab using our app, and an additional $1 when they close their second TabbedOut tab. 

4. Payouts are automatically sent out on a bi-weekly basis. 


How do I get paid, and how often?

You'll earn $3 for each new user that enters your code and closes their first tab using TabbedOut. If they go on to close a second tab you'll earn another $1. 3-2-1 Promoters will be paid by check within 14 days of reaching a $100 balance from refferals.

What do I need to do to sign up?

To become a 3-2-1 Promoter:

  • Register with the form at the top of this page
  • Review the training materials on the page after the form
  • We'll email you a unique promo code to hand out to new users.

How long does it take to start promoting?

The typical process takes no more than 24-48 hours.

I already have a job, so can I still become a TabbedOut 3-2-1 Promoter?

Do you already go out with friends to bars and restaurants? Are you known as a trendsetter? The 3-2-1 Promoter program allows you to work at your own pace and get paid for simply informing others of the ease and benefits of TabbedOut.

How often can I work?

As a TabbedOut 3-2-1 Promoter you are your own boss! Work as little or as often as you like. The more you inform others, the more you get paid!