Mobile Payments

    More security

    When a customer uses our free mobile payment app at your location, their encrypted payment info is sent securely to your POS system. That means less handling credit cards and less liability for you.

    More tips

    Servers can spend more time serving food and drink instead of checks. Plus, they are guaranteed a minimum gratuity from every Tabbedout customer.

  • Know Your Customers

    More sales

    With access to your customers' order history and preferences you can provide a personal guest experience like never before. Make every guest feel like a VIP, because who doesn't like happy customers? They result in new and repeat business…and that's money.

    More time

    Your management dashboard updates automatically to capture every guest visit. Don't waste time entering notes into a reservation system, cataloging old bills, or compiling information manually. We've got you covered.

  • Manage Customer Feedback

    More visibility

    Your customers can provide immediate direct feedback from within the Tabbedout app so you don't have to wait for a post, tag or tweet to find out about their experience. With Tabbedout you'll know who, what, when, and where they received service.

    More control

    Your management dashboard allows you to respond to your customers right away before they walk out the door. You'll be able to protect the reputation you've worked so hard for and encourage your guests to come back.

  • Reach, Reward and Track

    More customers

    Segment your customer base to reward loyal customers or engage first time or lapsed customers. Target exactly whom you want based on how frequently they visit your business and when they last stopped in.

    More analytics

    Your management dashboard automatically calculates redeemed in-app offers so you always have an up-to-date snapshot of performance and sales. By tracking redemption you'll know where best to spend your hard-earned money to grow your business.

What makes our POS integration different?

Our software-based solution means no additional hardware is required, so stop manually entering, scanning, swiping, or tapping to accept payments. Our deep POS integrations allow rich information to be passed securely and automatically through the system, so you now have access to item-level order history, item preferences, visit frequency, and amounts spent. Plus, you won't have to change your existing merchant processor or disrupt your normal operational flow.

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