No Tricks... Just Treats.

Upgrade Your Halloween with TabbedOut

Halloween is almost as much fun for adults as it is for kids. You go from going house to house collecting treats while dressed as your favorite super hero or cartoon, to hopping from bar to bar socializing with friends, or enjoying a sit down meal dressed to the nines as your favorite pop culture reference with friends. However you're spending Halloween and the weekends leading up to it, TabbedOut is here to make sure you have the best holiday possible.


Pay and Be On Your Way

During Halloween, the possibilities are endless–why get stuck at one when you have so many other places to show off your costume? With TabbedOut you can pay your bill when you're ready, without waiting for a server or bartender to swipe your card. 


Avoid the Zombie Hoard at Last Call

Want to get out before the living dead get restless? Pay from your phone, and watch the bloodbath as the bar is swamped with card-carriers as you head out the door and into the night.


View Your Bill in Real Time - No Spooky Surprise Later

Budget savvy ghosts and gouls delight: with TabbedOut you can see, at a glance, what you've ordered on All Hallow's Eve. Because nothing is scarier than a credit card bill that you didn't see coming...


Embrace the Split.... Check.

Reduce the headache for your party AND your server. When you pay with TabbedOut, you can simply join tabs and split the check among everyone in your party. 


Give a Friend a Treat, Even if They're Far Away

While you can't buy a drink for a friend in the Underworld (do they even get Wi-fi signal down there?) you can definitely buy your friend a drink in any TabbedOut location. Simply find the bar or restaurant in the app, open a tab, and let your friend know the tab code and name it's under. They can order their drink through the bartender or server, and you can pay from your phone. Easy, and even better than a "fun size" candy bar.


Save Some Green

Look for the green trophy in the app–these are the locations that have special deals happening. Create your own zombie crawl from bar to bar and save $$ at each one. Plus, TabbedOut is always offering promotions and deals to help make your bar and restaurant experience the best it can be.

Don't have TabbedOut yet? Download today and have a happy Halloween!

Buy Your Friend a Drink

Did you know that you can buy your friend a drink with TabbedOut, even if they're not at the same bar, or even in the same state as you are? It's easy, here's how:

1. Open TabbedOut and pick a location–preferably, one that your friend is hanging out at that night.

2. Open a tab at that location.

3. Tell your friend to order a drink on your tab. This can be done by simply having your friend tell the bartender they're using TabbedOut, and giving your name or tab code.

4. Once your friend has ordered their drink, it will show up on your tab. Click "Pay Check" and you're done!

Protip: If your friend has already ordered a drink on their own TabbedOut tab, just ask for their tab code and hit "join tab" from your screen and enter their code. You can now choose to pay a portion or all of their bill from your own screen.

Foodie on a Budget: How to Use TabbedOut to Limit Spending

Times are tough and money is tight, and often we forgo a night out on the town for another dinner at home with boxed mac and cheese. That’s why, when we do decide to shell out for a nice sit down dinner (be it at a local favorite or national chain), we don’t want any surprises at the end of the night.

So, how can you stick to your budget but also give yourself the room to treat yourself? The  answer is simple: TabbedOut.

Streamline your own personal pub crawl

What’s the one thing that is sure to put a damper on your evening? Impenetrable bar lines. It’s one thing to wait in line for your beer (the light at the end of the tunnel), it’s quite another to wait just to sign on the dotted line when you’re waiting to meet friends at the next bar over.

With TabbedOut, you’ll never wait in line to pay your tab. Simply use your iPhone or Android to pay and be on your way.