• Pay when you're ready

    No one likes to wait around to pay. Tabbedout lets you see what's on your tab in real time, then tip and pay right in the app. You can pay from anywhere – at the table, at the next bar, or wherever you are.

  • The worry-free way to pay

    You wouldn't normally give your card information to a stranger, so why should bars and restaurants be the exception? Tabbedout lets you store your credit or debit card securely on your phone. Keep your card in your wallet, knowing your information is encrypted and safe when you open a tab. Set a passphrase for even more protection.

  • Get instantly rewarded

    When you use Tabbedout, you'll get in-app discounts from bars and restaurants you visit. They're sent directly to you and they're just for you. Offers and discounts are automatically redeemed on your tab—no need to purchase a "deal" or worry about expiration dates.

  • Split with friends

    Going out with friends is fun, but passing around a check with multiple cards isn't. Tabbedout lets you join or share your tab so that everyone can easily separate their items and pay their own portion—no server required.

  • Send feedback

    Have some constructive criticism for your server? Want to let the chef know the dessert was the best it's ever been? Your opinions can now be heard – when it matters most! Use the feedback feature during your visit to send instant feedback to the manager about your experience.

  • View your history & stats

    Recall the name of that local microbrew you tried, or see your most ordered items. Paying with Tabbedout now gains you status at as a new, repeat, or VIP customer. Your server will see this information too so they can better serve you. How's that for enhanced experience??