The most powerful tool to hit the hospitality industry
since the point-of-sale.

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Customer List

  • Customers are added to your customer list automatically when they open a tab using Tabbedout at your bar or restaurant.
  • Set filters and criteria to generate targeted, specific groups.
  • Build-up your list during busy periods to use during slow ones.

Customer Outreach
  • Target first time guests, re-engage lapsed customers, and reward your regulars with targeted Offers.
  • Create a personalized message sent directly to your customers.
  • Allow customers to redeem Offers directly in their app, no hassle for the staff.

  • Customer Profile
  • Give personalized service by knowing your guests’ spending habits.
  • Increase sales through upsells and recommendations.

  • Feedback
  • Guests can leave real-time, contextual feedback directly in the Tabbedout app.
  • Get notified immediately and respond with a personal message. You can even attach an Offer for your customer to use on their next visit.
  • Manage your feedback with filterable criteria.

  • Dashboard
  • The Dashboard provides an automatic snapshot of performance and sales.
  • Track and prove your Offers campaigns by knowing who came back and how much they spent.
  • Control and target budget where it matters.
  • To get Tabbedout Periscope for your bar or restaurant, click the button at the top of the page!