The easiest way to pay at a bar or restaurant. 


No more waiting to pay, trying to figure out how to split a bill, or leaving your card at the restaurant. With TabbedOut, you simply pay when you're ready to leave. With over 5,000 locations nationwide, you are always near a TabbedOut venue.

TabbedOut. Please Pay Responsibly.

There’s no more need to flag down a bartender to open a tab.
— CNN Money

Download & Sign Up

Download the app from either the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store, depending on your device. Sign up using Facebook or Google+


Open & Order

Find a venue in which you'd like to dine or drink. Open a tab, inform your service staff you'll be using TabbedOut. Order as you normally would. View your tab to see items show up live, as you order them. 


Pay with your phone

When you're ready, get up and go. Pay your tab on your way out or let us close it for you automatically. No waiting.


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